Wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication

Wireless M2M communication is opening the door to a new world of possibilities across a limitless range of industries such as logistics and transport, health care, consumer devices, Point of Sale (PoS), finance, security, utilities and smart grid by supporting automatic data communication between devices such as electric meters (or smart meters), digital displays, vending machines, alarm systems and vehicles.

Increase productivity, decrease operational costs and lower energy consumption by using M2M connectivity to gather and analyse real time field data over 3G networks without human intervention. It’s a shift from knowing “what happened” to knowing “what is happening”— all the time—and then automatically controlling systems with that knowledge.

NetComm Wireless rugged industrial M2M wireless broadband gateways connect to wireless networks to support the remote monitoring, management and control of connected equipment from virtually any location worldwide.

M2M Products

Low Profile Antenna PID ANT-0032
Wireless N Hotspot PID HS1200N
3G Serial Modem PID NTC-3000 Series
3G M2M Router Series PID NTC-6200
4G WiFi M2M Router PID NTC-140W
4G M2M Router PID NTC - 140