Rather than compete in high volume low price market segments, our strategy is to develop customised, scalable solutions for leading companies globally. Our customisation capabilities are our main differentiator, and we seek to achieve a significant advantage over competitors that mass produce ëone size fits allí products. With access to products that feature an open source Linux operating system and Software Development Kit (SDK), customers have the flexibility to develop custom applications for specific business needs. 

Our Sydney based team of engineers develop products that are designed to meet specific branding, technical and housing requirements and long-term contracts that provide sustainable revenue are won by working closely with customers that require specialised devices for diverse and unique applications. 

We aim to stay ahead of our competition over long term by differentiating product offerings and:

  • Driving innovation through customisation; 
  • Expanding internal R&D resources;
  • Maintaining scalable production capacity;
  • Providing branded market specific solutions; 
  • Achieving repeated design wins; and
  • Lowering deployment costs and accelerating time-to-market. 

We will focus on 3 business streams:

  • Fixed Wireless Regional Broadband. 
  • Wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.
  • Broadband in Australia and New Zealand.