December 21, 2010 (Auckland): NetComm Limited (NTC) and Telecom New Zealand Limited (TEL) announce the release of both the NetComm MyZone™, a portable 3G WiFi router and the Telecom Turbo Wireless Router – one of the fastest 21Mbps/HSPA+ mobile broadband router to connect to Telecom's XT Mobile Network. These devices are set to deliver unparalleled access, superfast mobile Internet speeds and flexibility to New Zealand homes and businesses nationwide.

Telecom is the first New Zealand telecommunications carrier to supply a 21Mbps WiFi Router to the market. Both the MyZone and Telecom Turbo Wireless Router were developed in response to the trend towards mobile broadband connectivity.

Telecom Turbo Wireless Router will allow Telecom's consumer and business customers to establish a wireless local area network for up to 16 WiFi, four wired and two USB 2.0 devices to connect and share multiple: notebooks, desktop PCs, USB printers and mass storage units.

The sleek credit card sized MyZone gives users the capability to simultaneously connect up to six wireless devices including: notebooks, tablets, cameras and gaming consoles to a single mobile broadband account from anywhere on the XT network nationwide. The device combines a 3G modem router, WiFi access point and long-life integrated lithium-lion battery into a single pocket sized unit.

"The launch of these products will transform the way the Internet is accessed in New Zealand by delivering widespread mobility and superfast mobile Internet speeds via the XT Network. This further secures Telecom‘s place at the forefront of 3G technological advancement and reflects NetComm's continued development of solid alliances with leading international providers of mobile broadband  technologies," says NetComm's General Manager, Danny Morrison.

"The launch of the Telecom Turbo Wireless Router is a significant milestone. We are proud to have introduced the first device of this kind to the New Zealand market in conjunction with the MyZone which combines the exceptional benefits of the XT Network with the latest in technological innovation. The release of these products reflects our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the most progressive 3G technologies,” says Telecom’s Business Device Manager, Matt Hampel.

The Telecom Turbo Wireless Router is an all-in-one modem router that contains four internal antennas (two WiFi and two 3G antennas) and connects to an external 3G antenna in rural areas. The user friendly MyZone weighs only 75g and connects to the XT Network that supports maximum data through put of 7.2 Mbps in downlink and 5.76 Mbps in uplink. Actual speeds vary and also depend on the number of connections to the routers. Both devices are equipped with advanced network security features.

Telecom Turbo Wireless Router Available from Telecom stores and dealers - Business customers should contact their Gen-i client manager.
From $199 including GST on selected plans or $499 including GST for the device only.

NetComm MyZone Available from selected retailers, Telecom stores and dealers - Business customers should contact their Gen-i client manager.
MyZone is $299 including GST by itself or free on selected plans.

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