The N3G18Wn gives users all the mobility of 3G with shared networking and the speed of wireless n

NetComm, Australias leading provider of communications products and solutions, has introduced its 3G18Wn 3G Wireless Router.

The 3G18Wn is a non-embedded 3G router, meaning that users can plug a compatible USB modem into the routers USB port. Wired and wireless devices within a network can then connect to this single 3G account.

Unlike competitor products, a wired ADSL/Cable connection can also be achieved through the 3G18Wns WAN port. The devices automatic failover will then ensure connection is maintained by activating the 3G modem should the xDSL/Cable/Satellite connection drop out. This is the perfect solution for small business users seeking a back-up solution for business critical data traffic.

By using the 3G18Wn, a 3G account holder can expand the potential of their connection beyond a single machine. For example, the USB dongle could be used for a business laptop during working hours away from the home, but then allow other household members to connect at night from multiple computers. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and share Internet access on holidays, in the car or anywhere else.

With the announcements of recent weeks about increasing broadband network speeds, more people will need to upgrade their equipment from the old wireless g standard. If they dont, there will be no benefit to them from improved networking infrastructure.

Furthermore, as the pricing and data capping of 3G access becomes more economical, more users will be seeking ways to maximize its advantages. The N3G18Wn meets this need and turns 3G access from a personal asset into something the whole household or small business can profit from.

The 3G18Wn is compatible with a range of USB dongles sold in Australia.

The 3G18Wn is available now and has a Recommended Retail Price of $249.70.

For more information or to request the products for review, please contact:

Mat Hardy
PR Manager
NetComm Limited
Tel: 02 9424 2305
Mob: 0414 416 622

[email protected]