The NB12WD MyCommsGateway combines Broadband, VoIP, Wireless and a USB print server: a true all-in-one device.

NetComm, Australias leading provider of communications products and solutions, has introduced its NB12WD ADSL2+ Wireless Router and VoIP Gateway. Known as the MyCommsGateway, the unit also ships with a cordless handset.

Whether someone is operating a small business, a domestic home network or both, the MyCommsGateway is an excellent way of consolidating a number of devices and permitting maximum use of a single phone line.

The MyCommsGateway combines ADSL, Ethernet, Wireless, VoIP and a USB connection to function as a total solution for home networking. The unit can support up to four computers on a wired connection, more via an 11g wireless access point, a shared printer and four separate VoIP accounts. These accounts can be utilised by two standard analogue phones/faxes, or by up to five DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) cordless handsets.

The built-in DECT base station will be of great use to those seeking to cut phone costs through VoIP. The use of multiple lines and VoIP accounts enables business and private calls to be run separately. The QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities of the device ensure the high standard of voice calls made through it. By offering both landline and VoIP connections, the device also provides redundancy for voice traffic in the case of either a network or power cut.

Significantly, the inclusion of a DECT handset with the MyCommsGateway means customers are able to access the potential of VoIP communications without needing to spend any further money on accessories. If more phones are required, the MyCommsGateway is compatible with any Australian standard DECT cordless handset.

Sharing a printer across a small network is another benefit of the MyCommsGateway, which supports both wired and wireless access to a central printer or MFC.

The NB12WD MyCommsGateway is available now and has a Recommended Retail Price of $429.00.

For more information or to request the products for review, please contact:
Mat Hardy
PR Manager
NetComm Limited
Tel: 02 9424 2305
Mob: 0414 416 622
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