The 3G8WV gives users the mobility of 3G and shared networking but at a budget-conscious price

NetComm Limited, Australias leading provider of data communications products and solutions, is pleased to announce its 3G12W 3G ADSL modem-router. Based upon NetComms well proven ADSL router engine platform, the device incorporates 11g wireless and accepts a 3G SIM card to provide the best combination of connectivity and the fastest possible data speeds.

Incorporating a powerful ADSL2+ router with four Ethernet ports, the 3G12W has been designed for residential and business users who want to integrate their ADSL broadband service with high speed wireless and wired networking in one compact device.

The provision of a 3G data SIM slot on the rear of the device takes the 3G12W to an even higher level of functionality. When a valid 3G SIM is inserted, the device then becomes a mobile office. The 3G connection can be shared with multiple wireless and wired devices. This is an excellent solution for small businesses, especially those that require a degree of mobility in their operations.

Additionally, the 3G capability can be utilized as a failover contingency in cases where the ADSL connection is lost. Should this occur, the device automatically switches into 3G mode, meaning business-critical traffic can continue during outages.

A focus on network safety is also a characteristic of the device. Its on-board security features include a built-in firewall, VPN pass-through, denial of service for unwanted guests, SSID hiding and a full range of advanced wireless security elements guarantee network integrity.

The device is customizable to suit the needs of carriers and vendors. As ever, NetComm is committed to working with its customers to build their desired solution.

For more information, please contact:
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PR Manager
NetComm Limited
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