Thursday October 3, 2013 (Sydney):  Connected World Magazine recently announced the 2014 CW 100, naming NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC), a leading developer of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) products, to the definitive list of the top companies that are demonstrating significant market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in connectivity as determined by the editors of Connected World for the past 11 years.   

“NetComm Wireless is more than just a device company. It’s a company that understands the impact of the M2M value chain and the power of customization,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

"The CW 100 does not just simply list the industry's top 100 technology providers, it gives corporate adopters the opportunity to assemble a value chain that will lead to successful M2M solutions," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. "This is the resource to help you and your company launch the right M2M plan in 2014."

"Every successful M2M solution must begin with a solid foundation," says Mike Carrozzo, chief editor, Connected World magazine. "The CW 100 gives corporate adopters the exact tools to build just that, all with the confidence to make the right business decisions that will lead to success."

"It is a tremendous honour to have been selected as one of Connected World Magazine's top 100 M2M innovators, and a privilege to be ranked alongside some of our key strategic M2M partners," said David Stewart, CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless.

This latest accolade follows NetComm Wireless' success in winning the ACOMMS award for innovation and three categories of the Australian Business Awards this year.

Companies that have been selected to be on the CW 100 have established the top products, services, and commitment to enable connectivity. To see the full list of the 2014 CW 100 head to

Enquiries to: Stephanie Wilson, NetComm Wireless Communications Manager
Phone: +61 2 9424 2045 or email: [email protected]

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About NetComm Wireless

NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC) is a leading developer of innovative broadband products sold globally to major telecommunications carriers, core network providers and system integrators. For over 30 years NetComm has developed a portfolio of world first data communication products, and is arespected global providerof 3G and 4G wireless devices servicing the major telecommunications carrier, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Rural Broadband markets. NetComm’s products are designed to meet the growing needs of today’s data-intensive home, business and industrial broadband applications and customized to optimize performance in line with global network advancements. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, NetComm has offices in New Zealand, North America and the Middle East. For more information about NetComm visit: