April 23, 2012 (Sydney): NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC) today announced the launch of its new Fibre Series with the release of its Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Hub (NF2). Developed to maximise superior fibre optic network speeds while supporting today's most popular connection options, the NF2 delivers super-fast ADSL, cable or fibre Internet access; and also offers an alternate 3G/4G USB modem connection. The NF2 optimises high-bandwidth activities such as media streaming and online gaming while preparing personal and business users for the future with next generation IPv6 addressing and a host of power conserving green features.

The future-ready NF2 is the first of NetComm Wireless' range of advanced Fibre™ Series Gateways designed to transform the online experience for the ninety three per cent of Australian homes, schools and businesses set to experience broadband speeds of up to one gigabit per second through access to the National Broadband Network's (NBN) fibre-to-the-premise technology; and the remaining seven per cent of premises to be connected via next-generation high-speed wireless and satellite technologies, as well as the seventy five per cent of New Zealand residents scheduled to access Crown Fibre's open-access fibre-to-the-home network over the next decade.  

David Stewart, Managing Director, NetComm Wireless, said the NF2 was developed to meet both the current and future needs of connected homes and businesses, providing high-speed access to ADSL, cable and other existing services until fibre connectivity becomes available.

"The telecommunications landscape in Australia is changing on a massive scale as the NBN fibre rollout continues to expand, giving more and more users the chance to boost the performance of new technologies and bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming. The launch of our Fibre™ Series gives service providers the opportunity to prepare their customers for the national fibre upgrade, while enabling access to ADSL in the interim," said Mr Stewart.

Designed to significantly enhance wireless performance, the NF2 creates two independent wireless networks. The concurrent dual-band WiFi feature gives users the opportunity to connect bandwidth-intensive devices, including HD TVs, to a 5GHz network while simultaneously running everyday devices such as laptops and tablet computers on a separate 2.4GHz network to reduce interference and delays. The NF2 also features three Gigabit LAN ports for high-speed connections to wired devices such as PCs and HD TVs.

With the incorporation of two USB 2.0 ports, users can create a superfast 4G WiFi hotspot within coverage areas using a Telstra 4G USB modem, or Sierra Wireless 320u. High-speed multi-device access to widespread 3G networks can also be achieved using a compatible 3G USB modem; and files can be stored and shared on an external hard disk drive network.

The Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Hub (NF2) is now available. (RRP: $299)

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Phone: +2 9424 2045 or email: [email protected]

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