April 24, 2012 (Sydney): NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC) today introduced the WiFi Data and VoIP Gateway (NF1ADV) into its new Fibre™ Series. The dual-access NF1ADV connects personal and business users to ADSL today, and to fibre networks when available via its Gigabit WAN port to significantly enhance communication, entertainment and business applications with the advanced speed and performance capabilities of fibre connectivity.

The all-in-one WiFi Data and VoIP Gateway creates a powerful 300Mbps WiFi network for multiple devices such as laptops, PCs, gaming consoles and tablets, and incorporates a powerful Broadcom chipset to support business applications with significantly improved WiFi coverage over extended distances. Users can make up to four high speed wired connections to bandwidth-intensive devices, such as HD TVs, via the LAN ports; and economical VoIP calls over fibre networks. Bundling the features of multiple devices into one, the Gateway also supports printing and file storage needs using the two in-built USB host ports.

Designed to provide Internet and Retail Service Providers with a product capable of optimising their fibre service and delivering it efficiently, the National Broadband Network (NBN) ready NF1ADV also comes equipped with next generation IPv6 capabilities and TR-069 remote management support to improve the customer experience and reduce service provider support and operational costs.

David Stewart, Managing Director, NetComm Wireless, said personal and business users can now keep pace with the rapid momentum of technological change.

"The NF1ADV maximises online speed and performance on multiple levels with current and future network access options and the very latest in wireless and VoIP technology. What this means for users in Australia, New Zealand and globally is an ultra-fast and powerful online experience for a long time to come," said Mr Stewart.

The WiFi Data and VoIP Gateway features: a Gigabit WAN port, four LAN ports; a Wireless N access point; two FXS ports for VoIP connectivity; an FXO port for landline backup; two USB host ports; a WPS button for simple wireless network setup and multiple power saving green features including time of day LED dimming, WiFi power save features and power down functions.

Enquiries to: Stephanie Wilson, NetComm Wireless Communications Manager
Phone: +2 9424 2045 or email: [email protected]

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