NetComm Limited (ASX: NTC) is set to revolutionize home entertainment Internet connectivity with the launch of the NetComm AV™ Series. NetComm’s AV™ Series consists of two new products specially designed to allow the connection of home entertainment equipment to the Internet without fuss or the need for technical nous on the user’s end.

The premier products being launched to bridge the gap between the modem and multiple Internet-enabled home entertainment devices include: NP203 Home Entertainment Connection Kit and NP121 Wireless Home AV Connection Kit.

Higher Internet speeds and broadband capacity along with the Government’s push to ‘go digital’ has heightened the demand for household entertainment devices which provide freedom from the predetermined schedule and limited choice offered by traditional television. NetComm has answered the call for simple and secure whole house connectivity that offers customers a richer entertainment experience via a “plug and play” product range that bridges up to four home entertainment devices straight out of the box.

The rapid household accumulation of devices including Internet-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes and TiVo has brought about the need to maximize the potential of a single Internet connection whilst minimizing the need for multiple wires, cables and kits.  Everyday power points throughout the house can now function as a gateway to the Internet as both products in NetComm’s AV™ Series move the Internet connection from the users modem to their devices' Ethernet port without the need to install additional cabling or connection points.

"The inconvenience and expense of connecting a growing number of household entertainment devices to the Internet has deterred some users from maximizing the online experience now available to them. NetComm has recognized this issue and developed the NetComm AV™ Series to provide the simplest and most secure method of transferring connectivity to multiple entertainment devices throughout the home," says Danny Morrison, General Manager.

“The products in the NetComm AV™ Series have been simplified to make the user's experience as easy as possible. Every household is unique so we have launched both the NP203 Home Entertainment Connection Kit and NP121 Wireless Home AV Connection Kit to ensure a seamless connection between the modem and home entertainment area whatever the size, layout or location of the household,” says Danny Morrison, General Manager.

Both products in NetComm’s AV Series are capable of high speed data transmission for streaming HD media and come with advanced security features to ensure network security from unauthorised outside sources.

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