NetComm Limited (ASX: NTC) has released the first consumer-priced IPv6 products available in the Australian marketplace in response to the global issue of dwindling IPv4 Internet Protocol address' (‘IP address’).

The recovery of the global economy threatens a further rise in the consumption of IPv4 IP addresses with current estimates predicting all available IPv4 IP addresses will be exhausted before the end of 2012. With Australia seeing the highest level of activity in the Asia Pacific region, NetComm in partnership with Internode has promptly released IPv6 capable devices to ready their customers. After establishing Australia’s first public trial of IPv6 late last year, Internode has developed a strong understanding of next generation protocol and has put together the last piece of the IPv6 puzzle with the sale of NetComm’s NB6Plus4 router series to its residential customers.

IPv4 offers approximately 4 billion publically accessible IP addresses as opposed to the approximate 3.4×1038 (340 trillion trillion trillion) offered by IPv6 which utilises a six-part string of numbers. With design improvements and extended functionality, IPv6 provides a framework from which to develop new and feature rich Internet services.

IPv6 is able to be ‘updated’ to support emerging technologies or applications, ensuring there will be no problems with adapting to the changing needs of our on-line society. NetComm has been working closely with Internode and other leading Australian Internet Service Providers to develop and test interoperability with IPv6 enabled versions of its popular NB6 series ADSL2+ WiFi Routers, and is now ready to meet product supply demands for service providers deploying IPv6 infrastructure. NetComm is also close to developing upgradable IPv6 support on their mobile broadband range of products and expects to have all applicable products IPv6 capable by the end of 2011.

Unlike the IPv4 where IPsec was added later, IPv6 offers secure communication by default and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is not needed due to network communication improvements. IPv6 is also backward compatible with IPv4 via numerous IPv6 transition mechanisms.

David Stewart, NetComm's managing director, says "Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is one of the building blocks of the next generation of Internet so we have made a conscious effort, and incurred extra costs, to ensure our products have the necessary resources to support IPv6 to prepare our customers.  Ultimately all products will need to support IPv6, so we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that IPv6 firmware will be available for download from the NetComm website."

“Because they can run IPv6 and IPv4 in dual-stack mode, the NetComm NB6Plus4 series routers are both future-proof and affordable; and this is Internode’s first IPv6 router to be sold at this price point with a price tag starting at less than $100,” said Internode product manager Jim Kellett.

"Upcoming Internet-enabled devices will rely on this new framework and will create new markets and business opportunities for vendors and service providers. In addition to the other benefits, IPv6 offers easier configuration and less administration overheads, and early adopters will benefit by extending their current product or services functionality and usability," says NetComm's general manager, Danny Morrison.

NetComm’s NB6Plus4 has been supplied to Internode who are the first Australian ISP to launch a dedicated IPV6 capability.

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