February 17 2011 (Sydney): NetComm Limited (ASX: NTC) today launched the 3G29WN Dual ADSL2+ / 3G Wireless N Gateway - the first router of its kind to incorporate ADSL, HSPA+ (21Mbps) and Wireless N into a single device. Internet-critical businesses stand to benefit from the facilitation of a readily exchangeable transfer between an ADSL2+ and HSPA+ (3G) connection which offers the fastest 3G speeds available thanks to the embedded HSPA+ module that generates ADSL equivalent 3G broadband speeds of up to 21Mbps.

Whether connecting via ADSL2+ or 3G, the dual router provides a reliable Internet connection for multiple users through its selection of sharing and networking technologies. Business efficiency is set to soar with the release of the 3G29WN which includes a USB port for the sharing of a printer or storage device. Designed for whole-office connectivity, multiple Internet-enabled devices can be connected via a built-in wireless access point which reaches speeds of up to 300Mbps, or through the four Ethernet ports for wired connections.

To ensure a constant connection the router features automatic failover to 3G should the ADSL connection fail; and for maximum versatility the Quad band 3G module gives users the means to select from any 3G Internet Service Provider (ISP) on the market. The port forwarding and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) functionality allows for the setup of the various network port rules needed by Internet applications such as Peer-To-Peer file sharing and Instant Messaging services.

"Businesses operate in a fiercely competitive environment so the maintenance of a constant Internet connection is critical. We are pleased to have developed the first high-speed dual router to combine ADSL, HSPA+ (21Mbps) and Wireless N so users can select, share and switch between the most appropriate connection options for their situation,” says NetComm's managing director, David Stewart.

NetComm’s general manager Danny Morrison, said, “With businesses becoming increasingly mobile there will be instances where an ADSL connection is simply not available. Instead of using a variety of broadband networking devices attached to different accounts, it makes sense for businesses to invest in a router that streamlines multiple technologies into a single device for long-term efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.”

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NetComm Limited (ASX: NTC) is a leading developer and manufacturer of broadband technology. With 27 years experience, NetComm develop a wide range of broadband products to facilitate worldwide networks. Its products are uniquely customized for each carrier requirement and designed to deliver reliable communications for consumer, business and industrial applications. With particular expertise in 3G/HSPA technologies, NetComm engineer world first 3G products that support evolving networks and deliver quality data communication products.