NetComm Limited will present the worlds fastest HSPA+ embedded router at the Mobile World Congress, enabling carriers around the globe to see how they can finally provide their customers with the best speeds their networks can deliver.

NetComm Limited will present the worlds fastest HSPA+ embedded router at the Mobile World Congress, enabling carriers around the globe to see how they can finally provide their customers with the best speeds their networks can deliver.

The NetComm 3G21WN "BlackJack" turns a single 3G connection into a Wi-Fi and Ethernet hotspot that offers internet connectivity to multiple users. This flexibility is backed by speed, with typical download rates of up to 8Mbps. (Speeds of up to 11Mbps were achieved by journalists trialling the device at a press event in Sydney.)

This is the first embedded router of its kind to operate at 21Mbps using the HSPA+ (Evolved High Speed Packet Access) standard, as well as being a fully-functioning 11n wireless router with four Ethernet ports. It also boasts a pair of USB ports to allow sharing of printers or portable storage drives between users.

With this capability, the 3G21WN enables the true potential of this new mobile network standard, offering possible data speeds equivalent to those of conventional ADSL2+ connections.

Naturally, interest in the 3G21WN has been highest amongst carriers who have already deployed, or are about to offer mobile broadband delivery via a 21Mbps network. They see this router as a means of opening the way for maximizing their customers experience.

The unit was first launched in late November by Telstra, being sold in Australia as the BigPond Elite Network Gateway.

NetComm has also received its first orders for the 3G21W from Etisalat, the telecommunications provider for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The units will initially be available to Etisalat customers in the UAE, however the firm also operates in 17 other countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

"Deals with some of the worlds most innovative carriers demonstrate NetComms leadership in 3G technology and are integral to our plans for expanding the international side of our business," said NetComms Managing Director, David Stewart.

"Products like the 3G21W are of great interest to those carriers that are investing in 21Mbps networks to keep them ahead of their competitors and deliver the best possible speeds," said Mr Stewart.

The NetComm 3G21W router is designed around a powerful Sierra Wireless HSPA+ module capable of delivering 21Mbps speeds along with reliable and high quality mobile broadband performance. The combination of high bandwidth and low latency provided by 21Mbps HSPA+ will be targeted by the 3G21W, with the intention of facilitating high performance VPN pass-through connectivity.

"Business users, people in rural areas and those who require mobility in their service will all benefit from the capabilities of this router to access 21Mbps networks. The phenomenal wireless upload speed will pave the way for bandwidth thirsty Internet services never before considered possible on a wireless broadband connection," said Mr Stewart.

To see the 3G21WN "BlackJack" and NetComms range of other 3G, ADSL and Hotspot devices, please visit their stand (2B119 Hall 2) during the MWC or contact:

Brett Stevens ([email protected] +61 450 556 129) or

Karen McCrum ([email protected] +61 420 960 409)

About the 3G21W


Four Ethernet ports allow customers to connect their PCs and internet devices directly to the 3G21W. In addition, the device incorporates the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, which delivers the best possible wireless speeds and coverage around the home or office environment. The two USB ports allow connection of a printer or portable hard drive, making them accessible for all users.


Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Apple Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 systems.

Set up and security

Installation and configuration process runs off a bundled USB drive. Most users will be set up within five minutes. Each unit comes secured with a unique security key offering Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) protection standard. Applied at the factory, this key means customers are protected from the moment they set up their home network and not vulnerable to weak default passwords.

About NetComm Limited

With over 27 years, experience, NetComm Limited is a leading developer of broadband Internet products and services. With particular expertise in 3G/HSPA devices, NetComm offers a diverse product portfolio addressing business, consumer and specialized vertical industries.

NetComm delivers leading-edge wireless 3G broadband solutions, data communication products, and Internet productivity services to meet the requirement of Carriers, ISPs and System Integrators throughout the world.

The company has a history of sustained growth and innovation, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: NTC).