February 9, 2012 (Sydney): NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC) today released the M2 – one of the world’s lightest and most compact WiFi Routers designed to turn most USB modems into a wireless hotspot for sharing devices. The miniature M2 works with any 3G / 4G USB Modem to create a wireless network for multiple devices and works on Telstra’s superfast 4G LTE network.

The M2 is set to transform the way people connect, users now having the capability to share a single USB modem connection with not just their notebook, but with their tablet, portable gaming console or smart phone simultaneously. Designed for effortless portability, the M2 fits inside any pocket or bag to establish an instant anywhere, anytime, wireless hotspot.

"The M2 is among the smallest of its kind and is designed to give personal and business users easy multi-device access to the superior speeds, capacity and response times of Telstra’s 4G LTE network. This launch reflects NetComm's commitment to designing advanced wireless technologies that compliment increasingly mobile lifestyles," said Danny Morrison, General Manager, NetComm Wireless.

The M2 is compatible with Telstra’s 4G USB modem and most 3G USB modems; and simultaneously connects multiple devices to 3G / 4G networks on a single broadband plan for increased efficiency and reduced costs. Combining the latest connection, sharing and security technology in a light and portable unit, the M2 also features: an Ethernet LAN/WAN port for a wired connection option; an internal antenna to optimise signal strength and a wall adapter for easy recharge via power point. For travellers staying in a Hotel, the LAN/WAN port on the device can be utilised to transform the hotel room’s wired Ethernet connection into a wireless hotspot to connect and share multiple devices.

Product name: 3G /4G Wireless N150 Router M2.

Product code: 3GM2WN

Release date: February 8, 2012

Cost: RRP $79.00 through Telstra dealers

Enquiries to: Stephanie Wilson, NetComm Wireless Communications Manager
Phone: +61 450 391 792 or email: [email protected]

About NetComm Wireless Limited

NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX:NTC) is a leading developer of innovative broadband products for telecommunications carriers and ISPs worldwide. Specialising in fixed and mobile broadband technologies, NetComm Wireless customises products to successfully deliver the performance capabilities of world-leading carrier networks to home, business and industrial applications. Customer premises Equipment (CPE) and Edge technologies are specifically designed to extend a reliable connection to fringe service areas globally. For 30 years NetComm Wireless has engineered a solid portfolio of world-first data communication products and is today a world renowned developer of HSPA+, LTE, machine-to-machine (M2M) and fibre access devices. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, NetComm Wireless has offices in New Zealand, Canada and the Middle East. For more information about NetComm Wireless visit: www.netcomm.com.au