March 21 2011 (Sydney): NetComm Limited (ASX: NTC) has announced the US unveiling of the new Liberty™ Series LTE Router at the International CTIA WIRELESS®show, Orlando, from the 22nd – 24th March, 2011. NetComm’s Liberty™ Series LTE Router with WiFi was developed in swift response to the growing momentum of Long Term Evolution (LTE) network developments worldwide. The integration of an LTE module from Sierra Wireless, a leader in wireless solutions for mobile broadband applications, ensures compatibility with existing 2G and 3G services, and a solid end-user experience that supports worldwide roaming.

NetComm President and CEO, David Stewart said while NetComm is prepared for the rollout of global LTE networks which are expected to exceed current ADSL speeds with broadband delivery rates of up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload, current focus remains on delivering HSPA+ products in line with the staggered global deployment of high-speed HSPA+ networks.

"Mobile broadband developments are advancing at a phenomenal rate with over 99% of the world's WCDMA operators achieving the successful deployment of HSPA on their networks in the space of just 5 years. A large-scale migration to HSPA+ was achieved over the past year with HSPA+ now in service on over a quarter of the world's HSPA networks," Mr Stewart said.

Mr Stewart says, "While we look forward to exhibiting our LTE Router at the International CTIA Wireless® show, NetComm remains focused on delivering uniquely customized 42Mbps and 21Mbps with voice HSPA technologies to meet today's demands."

 "NetComm's long-term commitment to the prompt supply of specifically designed technologies which are engineered to meet the individual requirements of our carrier partners forms the basis of our proven track-record of staying at the forefront of these rapid network advances," said Mr Stewart.

NetComm CTO, Mr Brett Stevens, says, "Consumers and businesses hungry for speed and versatility are pushing carriers to develop faster networks. With this comes a need for the delivery of products that are capable of making the most of progressing network speeds. Leading telecommunications carriers, both in North America and the rest of the world, are in the process of launching 42Mbps and 21Mbps networks in response to this growing consumer demand. I am pleased to say that NetComm has long been prepared for these network upgrades and has the corresponding technology ready to go."

"The development of sizeable HSPA+ and LTE networks will be of particular benefit to those living or working in areas not serviced by ADSL, cable or fibre. NetComm’s Liberty™ Series Routers will give users the capability to establish a super high-speed WiFi hotspot from virtually anywhere within their Internet service provider's coverage area," said Mr Stevens.

The products in NetComm's Liberty™ Series range from portable 3G routers with long life battery power to powerful fixed wireless terminals. Key features include: The latest WiFi standard, multiple LAN ports, a WAN port for alternative connection to ADSL, USB 2.0 ports and advanced security. NetComm's 3G technology functions as a fixed-connection replacement for renters or mobile businesses, or as a reliable backup to ensure a consistent connection for Internet-critical businesses and individuals.  

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NetComm Limited (ASX: NTC) is a leading Australian owned and operated developer of innovative broadband products. Established 29 years ago, NetComm continues to design a range of uniquely customised products that work with advanced broadband technologies aligned with the evolution of global networks to provide home, business and industrial users with a fast, reliable and powerful Internet connection. NetComm has become world renowned for engineering a range of world first 3G products that deliver quality data communications in line with network advances.