The 800n range of routers allow speeds of up to 300Mbps, or 650% faster than the old G standard.

NetComm, a leading Australian provider of communications products and solutions, has today introduced the 800n family of wireless routers to its impressive range of wireless equipment. To complement these leading-edge routers, NetComm has also released the 900n range of 11n USB adapters to further boost network performance and accessibility.

The 800n and 900n families allow users to access the full potential of the Wireless N standard. This next generation wireless format offers significantly improved reliability. With possible speeds of up to 300Mbps, these routers can offer speeds that are 650% faster than the  current Wireless G technology that most people use.

Despite this advanced technology, the NetComm 11n routers are easy to set up  and manage through an intuitive web browser interface. They work with all major operating systems with no extra software required and carry a built-in firewall for added security and peace of mind.

The 800n Wireless N router family comprises the following models:

  • NP800n (the entry level option with a 2T2R antenna configuration)
  • NP801n (a good mid-range solution with a 2T3R antenna configuration) 
  • NP802n (perfect for high end gaming usage with a 2T3R antenna configuration and a 4 Gigabit Ethernet port for maximum speed)

All of these routers boast a range of features aimed at maximizing performance and user experience. This includes Wi-Fi Multimedia to prioritise audio, voice and video traffic, ensuring quality VOIP performance and smooth media streaming.

To accompany the routers NetComm has the 900n family of USB adapters.

  • NP900n (a basic 1T2R antenna configuration dongle)
  • NP901n (the mid-range solution offering a 2T2R antenna configuration with a  USB dock and cable to allow best positioning for desktop and laptop  users.) 
  • NP902n (an external 2T2R antenna array that is a more user friendly replacement for the old PCI card mounted systems.)

The 800n routers and 900n USB adapters are available in stores now.

All prices below are RRP inc GST

NP800n - $139.70
NP801n - $179.30
NP802n - $269.50
NP900n $79.20
NP901n $99.00
NP902n $129.80

For more information or to request the products for review, please contact:

Mat Hardy
PR Manager
NetComm Ltd.
Tel: 02 9424 2305
Mob: 0414 416 622
[email protected]