nbn has achieved ground breaking speeds of 1Gbps in a Fixed Wireless demonstration conducted in Ballarat, Victoria, using our 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz spectrum – demonstrating a pathway to delivering ultra-fast speeds to regional Australia via the nbn™ Fixed Wireless network.

nbn achieved the stunning 1Gbps downstream and 165Mbps upstream speeds by using Carrier Aggregation technology that fused seven carrier bands in the 3.4GHz spectrum band and four carriers in the 2.3GHz spectrum band.

As part of the demonstration nbn also delivered speeds of 400Mbps/55Mbps, 250Mbps/50Mbps and 100/40Mbps all delivered using a range of carriers in the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz spectrum bands.

The high speed trial was conducted with our Fixed Wireless technology partner, Ericsson, along with NetComm Wireless and Qualcomm.

In order to conduct the trial nbn used a spare operating sector on an established nbn Fixed Wireless tower at which nbn engineers installed additional radio equipment.

The nbn Fixed Wireless tower delivered the record speeds to new Wireless Network Termination Devices [WNTDs] that had been installed on the roof of a nearby school.

nbn has already committed to launching a new nbn100 Fixed Wireless product aimed at the regional business segment in 2018 and the success of our ultra-fast Fixed Wireless demonstration underlines our ability to launch even faster services on the nbn™ Fixed Wireless network.

Bill Morrow, CEO of nbn said:

“Our demonstration of 1Gbps speeds on our Fixed Wireless network once again shows our commitment to delivering a great experience to the 600,000 premises in regional Australia that will be served by the network.

“Our Fixed Wireless network has already been recognised as a world leader and we are determined to maintain that position by making sure regional Australians get access to the same high speed broadband available in our cities.

“Our 1Gbps demonstration also underlines the importance to nbn of having Fixed Wireless spectrum in the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz spectrum bands in order to deliver these kinds of high speed services to Australians.”

Jack Archer, CEO of the Regional Australia Institute, said:

“Plenty of Australians would love the chance to move away from the big cities and have an improved quality of life in regional Australia.

“However, one of the main impediments to doing this is being able to stay connected to your workplace unless you have access to good quality broadband.

“That’s why it is great to see nbn delivering higher speed services to regional Australia on its Fixed Wireless network – this will make the regional dream possible for a lot more Australians in a lot more places.”

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