The CC100/101 Coax system sends broadband signals over a buildings TV cables

Hotels and other guest establishments now have a way to offer broadband Internet access to all guests without the need for installing extra cabling or expensive upgrades to their telephone systems. NetComms new Coax system allows these venues to connect guests to the Internet using their existing TV antenna points.

The CC100 Coax MDU Master Bridge allows managers of multi-dwelling premises to supply a broadband service to residents/guests over the buildings coaxial cable network. No additional wiring is necessary, as the CC100 takes a broadband signal, together with a TV signal, and distributes it to each connected port.

The signal is then made available to a guests computer via a NetComm CC101 Coax Slave Ethernet Bridge. These could be installed in each room as a default, or units rented to guests individually.

The NetComm Coax devices allow guest establishments to meet a growing trend in a cost-effective way. High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is no longer a luxury item for hotel guests. Once the requirement of only a few elite business travelers, the level of connectivity expected by even private holiday-makers is now such that offering in-room HSIA is now mandatory for all venues. Providing HSIA just within a business centre somewhere on the premises is no longer an acceptable solution.

Smaller hotels, B&Bs and so forth have been slow to install in-room HSIA because of the costs involved in running new cabling and/or the out-dated state of their internal telephony infrastructure. However, all these venues tend to have televisions in their rooms and the Coax bridge system makes use of this.

Now every guest room with an existing TV antenna point can provide access to high-speed Internet connection.

The Slave units have a built-in filter to eliminate noise from the TV. In tandem with the Master unit, they can also be configured to incorporate a billing solution. Up to 31 Slaves can operate from the one Master unit.

The devices are available now and have the following RRPs (A$)

CC100 Coax Master Bridge: $449.90
CC101 Coax Slave Bridge: $248.60

For more information or to request the products for review, please contact:

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NetComm Limited
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