No matter how tough the situation, NetComms industrial modem-routers can take it

Harsh, remote environments and industrial facilities are not locations you commonly associate with Internet access. But there is an increasing need to service these sites with a data connection and NetComm Limited, Australias leading provider of communications products and solutions, has a full suite of cellular-based modem-routers suitable for such deployments.

Designed for adverse environments, NetComms NTC range of devices (NTC -790, -990, -882, -896) are built within sound metal cases and utilize industrial strength components. This ruggedized build and its ability to operate in a wide temperature range (from -30C to 70 C) make them ideal for deployment on mobile and outdoor applications. Vehicle mounting is particularly easy because they can accept voltage inputs of between 8V and 28V.

By harnessing the power of 3G networks, the NetComm equipment is not constrained by ADSL footprint or cable access or can operate independently of any fixed line connection to provide a fail-over capacity for critical data. The units robust antenna arrays offer much better reception than a standard 3G dongle arrangement and can be placed in a location that guarantees maximum signal strength.

Just some of the many uses for these sorts of devices include:

  • Remote monitoring stations for critical infrastructure
  • Unmanned situations
  • On the road
  • Construction sites
  • Businesses and tourist facilities outside the ADSL footprint
  • Mobile medical services
  • Webcams
  • Farms
  • Emergency services and disaster response.

On-board flash memory and RAM modules mean that all the routers can carry customized applications written directly into the units. This eliminates the need for an expensive PC to be installed between the unit and whatever equipment it may be linking with. For example, data from a pumping station could be gathered and processed by the modem-router itself before being sent directly out over the 3G network.

An integrated Keep Alive system is also an integral function of the NetComm NTC series. A monitor periodically checks the full status of the network connection by pinging an IP address. Should the unit determine that the connection has been lost, it automatically restarts itself to re-establish connection. This feature is vital in unmanned, hazardous or remote locations as it avoids the expense of a technician coming out just to reboot.

The potential applications of these devices are unlimited. NetComm is committed to working with its customers to build their desired solution and offer advice and support in specialized deployments of its devices.

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