The 3G8WV gives users the mobility of 3G and shared networking but at a budget-conscious price.

NetComm Limited, Australias leading provider of data communications products and solutions, has announced its 3G8WV 3G Wireless Router.

The 3G8WV is an embedded 3G router that allows users to connect anywhere within a 3G network. Wired and wireless devices within a local network can then connect to a single 3G account. Unlike the 3G dongle approach, which permits only a single user at a time, the 3G8WV is a true gateway, permitting homes and small businesses to set up shop wherever they have network coverage and share their connection between multiple users.

Because it supports data, voice and fax traffic, the 3G8WV is a true "Office in a box" device that is an excellent solution for small businesses, especially those that require a degree of mobility in their operations.

By enabling access to VOIP communications, the 3G8WV offers the potential for making great savings on phone costs. Whether someone is operating a small business, a domestic home network or both, the 3G8WV is an excellent way of consolidating a number of devices and permitting the maximum use of a single account.

Besides being a cost-effective and versatile way to overcome the need for fixed lines, the 3G8WV is also designed for markets where price sensitivity is a significant selling point.

By allowing users, and especially businesses, to access a high speed broadband connection from anywhere there is network coverage, the 3G8WV is a revenue creator, not just a cost saver. A host of business activities are made possible by this sort of access, not to mention the devices suitability as a back-up connection for business-critical access during times when ADSL may be temporarily unavailable.

Despite being priced for those on a budget, the device still delivers optimal performance. It utilizes an 850 MHz frequency that provides the best possible signal penetration, particularly in built-up environments where interference is most likely to occur. It delivers typical download speeds of 550kbps to 3Mbps, bursting to speeds of 6Mbps in some areas. It also delivers enhanced upload speeds averaging 300kbps to 1Mbps, bursting up to 1.3Mbps - ideal for uploading files and sending email.

The device is customizable to suit the needs of carriers and vendors. As ever, NetComm is committed to working with its customers to build their desired solution.

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