We operate in a fast evolving industry driven by changing market trends and technological innovation. Companies and governments around the world are recognising the productivity and efficiency gains to be made from the collection, analysis and remote management of data from assets that sit at the edge of the network; and the push for nationwide connectivity is on the global agenda. We believe that these and other factors will drive considerable demand for our wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Fixed Wireless Regional Broadband and Fixed Broadband technologies. 

Our custom advantage

Rather than compete in high volume low price market segments, our strategy is to develop customised, scalable solutions for leading companies globally. Our customisation capabilities are our main differentiator, and we seek to achieve a significant advantage over competitors that mass produce ëone size fits allí products. With access to products that feature an open source Linux operating system and Software Development Kit (SDK), customers have the flexibility to develop custom applications for specific business needs.

Our Sydney based team of engineers develop products that are designed to meet specific branding, technical and housing requirements and long-term contracts that provide sustainable revenue are won by working closely with customers that require specialised devices for diverse and unique applications. 

We aim to stay ahead of our competition over long term by differentiating product offerings and:

  • Driving innovation through customisation; 
  • Expanding internal R&D resources;
  • Maintaining scalable production capacity;
  • Providing branded market specific solutions; 
  • Achieving repeated design wins; and
  • Lowering deployment costs and accelerating time-to-market. 

We will focus on 3 business streams:

  • Fixed Wireless Regional Broadband. 
  • Wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.
  • Broadband in Australia and New Zealand.
Fixed Wireless Regional Broadband 

Our Fixed Wireless strategy is simple. We will leverage our leading position and the expertise gained from the success of the fixed wireless component of Australiaís nbn to deliver large-scale Fixed Wireless solutions in countries that plan to implement similar initiatives. 


We are targeting customers who will be able to benefit from our capacity to design customised solutions for their exact needs, and value the quality of engineering built into our products.

Our target customers need to service the 10% of their customers who are based in rural or regional areas that have no or slow broadband connectivity and will not be covered by fibre rollouts when copper networks are disconnected. 

Geographic focus 

Our key focus is on the USA, where carriers including AT&T and Verizon have announced plans to shut down their copper networks, as well as Europe and Asia.

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Wireless Machine-to-Machine

Our wireless M2M strategy remains unchanged. We target specific markets and take a selective approach to the investments that we make. We service our M2M customers either directly or through working with our coat-tail partners.

We are working to secure agreements with 6 of the top 20 telecommunications carriers in M2M, while building partnerships with smaller country specific carriers globally. We partner with large, established M2M players through our coat-tails strategy and actively pursue selected M2M verticals in: mHealth, building automation, digital displays, energy management and Light Industrial.


We target specific vertical sectors that present the greatest opportunity and avoid crowded markets. Our focus is on high volume opportunities where customers require a customised device.

Geographic focus

We are actively pursuing M2M design wins and contracts globally with a focus on the USA, Europe/UK, the Middle East, Japan and Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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Fixed Broadband 

Our broadband business is focused on Australia and New Zealand. We will continue to service our long term customer base in their requirements for powerline devices, ADSL and VDSL routers and ADSL filters.

Growth prospects for the Broadband business include the technology refresh opportunities that emerge from the nbn rollout which will require that over 8.5 million ADSL devices be replaced. Our approach is to leverage the field proven success of the VDSL devices deployed in New Zealand. 

The replacement of copper networks with fibre and HFC cable presents a large opportunity to deploy Fibre to the Distribution Point (ìFTTDpî) and CableTTDp. Our VDSL devices provide high speed connectivity at an affordable price by connecting fibre or cable from the street to the copper line that enters the customerís premises; a solution that can be deployed significantly faster than bringing fibre directly to the home.

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