Fixed wireless uses the same underlying technology as mobile wireless, but it does a very different job. It services a specific number of designated homes, businesses and institutions to deliver optimal performance to premises in precise coverage areas.

Base stations communicate with highly specialised radio equipment at the customer’s premises using line of sight, and this allows carriers and service providers to offer an amount of bandwidth that guarantees speed and performance.

Fixed Wireless - solving the problem

Fixed wireless differs from typical Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in a number of ways. A commercially successful fixed wireless deployment delivers an optimal network and customer experience achieved with specialised hardware design, software development and project management.

Network Experience: CPE is network managed and is owned and installed by the carrier. The radio frequency link budget is controlled and architected by the carrier, and involves a dedicated Radio Access Network (RAN). Because fixed wireless is engineered to deliver specific capacity to targeted premises, carriers can meet their headline speed claims for various products.

Customer Experience: Fixed wireless allows service providers to remotely and continuously monitor and manage the end-to-end performance of the customer’s connection, throughput and applications. A managed wireless connection allows triple-play services and delivers fixed line equivalent performance while offering guaranteed service level agreements.

NetComm Wireless demonstrates market leadership

NetComm Wireless develops custom fixed wireless devices that offer a specific solution rather than an off-the-shelf design. Offering more than basic CPE hardware and functions, NetComm Wireless’ fixed wireless design service includes the installation tools and software functionality required for the entire system.

  • Our fixed wireless products are proven to offer:
  • One time site visit, zero-touch post installation;
  • Extended device life expectancy, mean time between failures (MTBF);
  • Automated provisioning of installation routines to eliminate manual tasks;
  • Sophisticated diagnostics and exception reporting;
  • Security:Architecture, code base location and auditing; Reliability:
  • Manufacturing (RF testing) and field testing covering heat, UV and wind; and
  • Professional tools for the installation team.
The Issue

As telecommunication carriers and governments phase out legacy copper wireline (e.g. PSTN/ADSL) for Fibre infrastructure, a large number of rural communities lie outside of the fixed line footprint which presents great challenges. Our Solution Our custom designed Fixed Wireless terminals are engineered to integrate with the carriers network and deliver fast broadband speeds to the premises.

How it Works


NetComm Wireless Fixed Wireless

NetComm Wireless’ Fixed Wireless is a lot more than just CPE in an IP rated box. NetComm’s R&D team work closely with the carrier to engineer Fixed Wireless CPE to meet their network, hardware and software requirements. In addition to this NetComm’s CPE is also designed with installation, security and reliability in mind.

NetComm’s Fixed Wireless strategies include:

  • One time site visit (zero-touch post-install)
  • Long device life expectancy (MTBF)
  • Automate provisioning installation routines + tasks (eliminate manual)
  • Sophisticated diagnostics + exception reporting
  • Security: Architecture + code base location + auditing
  • Reliability: Manufacturing (RF test) + Field (Heat / UV / Wind)
  • Installation: Professional tools and dedicated operational GUI