Installing onto a Diversity System

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When installing an Indoor Wireless Booster onto a Diversity System (eg: HS800, etc) there are two options:

Option 1: To preserve the Diversity System

This requires a pair of identical boosters. Connect a booster to each of the antennae connectors for operation. Note that identical boosters arerequired to maintain equal gain in a Diversity System for optimal performance.

Option 2: Convert the Diversity System into a single antenna system.

Availabilityof this option is dependant on the wireless access point. If the accesspoint supports the option of operating as a single antenna system, onlyone booster is required. It is necessary to refer to the user manual ofthe access point on how to disable the antenna Diversity System, andwhich antenna would be in operation after the change.

Connect the booster to the antenna connector that is in operation.