Wireless M2M

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What is wireless M2M?

Machine-to-Machine, also known as M2M or telemetry, enables remote communication between machines and other machines and people.

Wireless M2M provides a solution for when there is no fixed infrastructure such as ADSL or Fibre available by utilising a mobile broadband device and the coverage and flexibility of a 3G/4G wireless network. M2M enables equipment to be simultaneously monitored and managed to a back end IT infrastructure providing endless benefits to many applications, across various industries, such as utilities, transport, retail and security.

What is Wireless M2M

A connected world

Previously unconnected devices are fast becoming connected as we enter an exciting new era of technological innovation. Wireless M2M is opening the door to a new world of possibilities across a limitless range of industries:

  • Logistics and transport: Tracking and tracing; GPS tracking; fleet management; driver security; monitor freight
  • Medical: Home health monitoring devices; remote patient data collection; medical device assessment; telemedicine
  • Retail: Point of Sale (PoS) terminals; ATM networking; real time sales reporting
  • Manufacturing: Remote troubleshooting; energy management; site, plant and field equipment monitoring
  • Services: Vending machines; climate control; digital signage; recycling/waste
  • Security: Alarms; CCTV; asset tracking; real time alerts
  • Utilities: Smart metering; smart grid; outage notification; carbon forecasting; water, energy and gas systems
  • Automotive: Connected vehicles; navigation systems; scheduled maintenance alerts; anti-thief protection
  • Environmental: Tsunami and flood watch; temperature monitoring; environmental monitoring; irrigation control and rainfall data logging

Our technologies

Our advanced industrial M2M wireless broadband devices connect to 3G and 4G networks to enable remote equipment monitoring and management in real time from any computer at any location.

Observe and control connected equipment and complex site processes with point-to-point or point-to-multi-point wireless data communications over vast distances without fixed line (ADSL/Cabe/Fibre) limitations.

NetComm Wireless' range of wireless M2M devices meet the latest requirements of modern telemetry, M2M communication, WAN and legacy serial applications to support live remote system monitoring, diagnostics, configuration and firmware upgrades for a range SCADA solutions such as smart metering.

our technologies

Built for you

With M2M communication enabling virtually limitless uses and opportunities, every deployment is unique. While most applications will benefit from the flexibility of 3G/4G connectivity, live remote access, weatherproof industrial strength components and simple setup and installation, our M2M technologies can be individually customised to optimise your operations.

Discover how to reduce costs and improve efficiency using: advanced integrated software customisation capabilities (SDK); browser based device management; routing protocols and custom hardware, firmware and project management solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Replacement of dial up modems

As high-speed fibre optical deployments supersede outdated copper networks globally, equipment that relies on dial up for connectivity will be rendered obsolete and need replaced. Our ranges of wireless M2M devices incorporate serial interfaces to provide a seamless and cost-effective switch from dial up to wireless in virtually any legacy environment without having to replace all of your equipment.


Remote on-demand access. Our wireless M2M routers offer remote real time access to equipment from a central office. Technicians can log into the system, extract the required data, upload firmware and remotely manage and monitor their equipment from virtually any location. This greatly speeds up the exchange of data and avoids the huge expenses involved in ongoing site visits.

Demanding environments. Ideal for unmanned, hazardous and remote locations such as construction sites, our family of wireless M2M routers are contained within a metal casing and utilise industrial strength components for effective operation in extreme temperature ranges.

All-in-one. Featuring browser-based device management, our M2M devices contain on-board processing capabilities for the incorporation of customised software for all-in-one monitoring and communications functionality.

Undisrupted communications. The Integrated 'Keep Alive' system monitor periodically checks the full status of the network connection by pinging an IP address. To ensure a constant connection, the routers are designed to automatically re-start to re-establish a lost connection.

TR-069. Large operational cost savings can be achieved by remotely managing and monitoring data from equipment such as temperature sensors and other metering devices. Tasks such as upgrading software or firmware, downloading data and testing settings can all be achieved from a single computer in a central office making TR-069 enabled devices a smart solution for businesses.

Serial port. Connect to legacy devices such as emergency and manufacturing equipment to establish a reliable connection between old and new technology.

Easy installation. All of our M2M devices can be easily installed and integrated into existing enclosures.

Customisation. Specific requirements are supported by customised software and hardware development.

Security. All products come equipped with the very latest security protocols with VPN support for a secure connection over public networks

M2M diagram


  • Central monitoring, automated processes and management
  • Live and interactive on-demand control and real time diagnostics
  • No fixed line requirements
  • 3G / 4G versatility and reach
  • Streamlines business logistics and improved efficiency
  • Large operational cost savings
  • Eliminate of manual maintenance costs
  • Capable of backing up an existing ADSL connection, or replacing it completely
  • Industrial strength and suitable for unattended temporary or permanent operations
  • Instant progress updates accessible by all interested parties from any location
  • Fast and simple setup

NetComm Wireless' M2M division specialises in the development of advanced industrial-grade and commercial 3G /4G wireless broadband products and solutions for business continuity (disaster recovery), primary mobile broadband and remote M2M connectivity. NetComm Wireless' M2M products, solutions and services are designed to support resource hungry applications in areas such as transport, metering, security, surveillance, banking, health and mining.